Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here comes the bride. . . I mean the cake!

Here is my very first 2 tiered wedding cake using fondant!  And making roses out of fondant! Seriously, everything took about 12 hours to do, by the time I was done.  However, I was learning along the way and will probably get quicker now that I am getting the hang of things! Everyone loved the cake and thought it looked like a professional did it!  I LOVE this cake!


Happy Valentines Day!

Here are my Valentine cakes that I made!  Including my first order from a paying customer!  Woohoo!!! 


The above cakes all used fondant and bordered with buttercream frosting.
The below cake is using buttercream frosting and conversation candy hearts! I also piped "Happy Valentines' Day" on the cake!

Course #3 . . . Fondant!

Here is my 1st cake for my 3rd course, where I learned how to use fondant!  It is very easy to work with and mold, and makes the cakes look so much better!  This is a present cake with fondant!

Cakes for Kasey

A dear sweet little boy named Kasey Radford passed away from brain cancer called Glioblastoma on February 4th, 2009.  He was 11 years old.  His family had a celebration of his life on the one year anniversary of Kasey's passing, and I offered to make the cakes.  They were a surprise to the family as far as what I would be doing.  Kasey loved to play a dice game called "10,000", so I did two dice cakes.  And because of the amount of people coming, I decided to do a 3rd cake and found a design with an angel that was fitting for the occasion.  The dice on the side of the cake are actually sugar cubes with piped dots to make them look like dice.  These are some of my favorite cakes right now. Not only for the way they turn out, but for the reason they were made.


The "Easter Cake"

This is what everyone kept saying looks like an Easter cake. . . . in January! It was my 2nd course where we learned how to make flowers out of Royal Icing and making the bird out of Color Flow!  Very interesting and lot's of fun to create more real-looking flowers! Also learned how to make the basket weave out of buttercream frosting!  I absolutely hated cutting the cake because it looked so pretty and had many, many hours worth of time invested in making the flowers.  But it tasted good and everyone liked it, which matters most!


Here comes Mr. Gingerbread Man!

Another Christmas cake! This was a fun one to do and also in Buttercream! (of course! I haven't learned fondant yet!) Also learned a new flower to use and got the hang of smoothing out the frosting!


Learning how to make roses!

Here is my first cake where we learned how to make roses out of buttercream!  Not my favorite thing to do and I've had difficulty doing them, but practice makes perfect!


Cake #2

Here is my 2nd cake that was for a Christmas get-together!  It wasn't a class assignment, but just me having fun!  I think I did too many red stars around the tree, but hey, I am learning!  Also covered in buttercream!

First cake class!

This was my first cake I did in December 2009!   Learning how to do the stars!  This was a fun cake and tasted great!  Covered in buttercream icing!