Thursday, June 24, 2010

50th Anniversary cake!

Here is my biggest cake yet!  With help from my Mom, we made about 160 fondant roses (only used about 80 on the cake)!  It was 3 layers and covered in white buttercream frosting.  The first (bottom) layer was a white cake with vanilla pudding filling.  The second layer was chocolate with chocolate pudding filling.  And the top layer was lemon with lemon pudding filling.  We did cut-out fondant hearts and then put gold candy dots on them for additional decor around the cake.  Non-edible gold leaves were added around the roses for accent.  The cake fed approximately 100 people, with some left-over!  It took approximately 1 1/2 - 2 days to make the fondant roses.  About 2 hours to make approximately 30 cups of buttercream frosting.  Approximately 4-5 hours to mix and bake the cakes.  And about 6 hours to cut, tort, assemble, frost and decorate the cake!  Supplies alone cost approximately $60. (Not counting the $40 pans that were needed for this cake).

I have approximately 80 of these purple fondant roses that are already made and ready to go on a cake!  If you or someone you know needs a cake with these flowers on it, just let me know!  They are in storage and they will not go bad!  They really aren't edible because the fondant roses harden and are mainly used for decoration.

Let me know what you think!


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